Who uses Mobile CI?

Mobile CI’s All-In-One Marketing Suite is more than just software. It is an extremely cost-effective way to communicate and build long lasting relationships with your customers, or audience wherever they are. Whether your a small business with a virtual office, a non-profit, a brick and mortar, or any other type of business, Mobile CI can dramatically increase engagement and revenue with its messaging and marketing automation tools. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to grow with our easy-to-use platform, and we’re here to help you succeed every step of the way.

  • Restaurants

    Use our tools to tantalize your diners and keep your tables filled! Capture first time customers, and reward your regulars by offering a powerful mobile loyalty program using your very own branded mobile app. Have slow periods? Easily boost slow times by sending time sensitive SMS text offers or Push Notification to announce your happy hour specials or other promotions to your subscribers. Automatically send Birthday and Anniversary specials, send picture text messages of your newest menu items, and so much more. Even minimize missed reservations using our text reminder feature. With marketing ingredients like these, your restaurant will be cooking up a recipe for success!

  • food-truck-icon

  • Food Trucks

    Food trucks move around, a lot. While most food truck businesses are very active on social (as they should be because it’s free), that can only carry your marketing so far. Most customers have to actively find you that day, or hope to see your post in their news feed stream. By adding SMS or MMS Text Message marketing or even your OWN branded Mobile Rewards App, your followers could easily be sent an announcement on their phones of where you will be next!  You can even announce to your subscribers where you’ll be next at a specific zip code so only the followers in that area that day will know where you are! Even use SMS to have people request catering, alert them of upcoming food truck events, and so much more!

  • Retail

    There is no sweeter sound than doorbells and foot traffic to a business owner. Getting customers through that door, however, can be a challenge. Mobile CI’s All-In-One web-based solution can help you engage your customers through a variety of today’s most popular communication channels. Drive traffic through your doors with enticing digital coupons delivered via SMS text, email, Facebook, and your very own Mobile App. Also, create a customizable mobile rewards program to keep customers coming back for more. Now you can reach and engage your entire audience and keep those cash registers ringing!

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  • Bands and Promoters

    Independent musicians, bands, as well as managers can quickly build a larger fan base while keep fans informed via SMS text messaging with exclusive band news, ticket pre-sale information, upcoming shows in their area and so much more! Easily combine your Mobile club with your Facebook posts, Tweets or Emails. With open read rates as high as 97%, you can be sure tour / event announcements, pre-sale ticket offers and merchandise sales are acted on. Easily capture data like first name, zip code, and more to personalize the mobile fan club experience to boost engagement. Use SMS and get ready to pack the venue!

  • non-profit

  • Non Profit

    Non-profits thrive when they can get their messages out. Increase exposure to your cause and rally support by leveraging today’s most popular channels for communication. With our automation platform, you can grow your membership and keep everyone in your organization informed and engaged. From mobile text, email, voice broadcast, and social media, you get multiple ways to reach and mobilize your base. Drive in donations by reaching all of your potential donors. Send a compelling picture or video MMS message to motivate donations, inform members of needed items and drop-off locations through immediate mobile-text announcements, and so much more.