Email, Mobile and Social. Mobile CI’s affordable and easy-to-use multi-channel platform allows businesses and brands to constantly connect with customers using the latest digital marketing tools including e-mail, mobile and social media all rolled into one dashboard. Our experienced marketing professionals work with you by providing free consultation to help you understand how you can stay in direct contact with people interested in your product, service or brand. We also provide free timely support to all of our clients.

Mobile CI for Business

We designed Mobile CI to help businesses of all sizes and types succeed in their marketing efforts to grow and sustain their business. Mobile Marketing is quickly becoming the most affordable and highly targeted form of marketing because of it’s high response rate and long-term effectiveness. Combining your mobile, social and online marketing will make an even bigger impact on your business as more of your customers are utilizing their mobile phones, tablets and computers to find ways to save and follow their favorite businesses or brands.

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