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New Mobile App Features: Gather customer data, and display multiple locations!


We’ve just made a couple of exciting updates to our mobile app features!

If you didn’t know, you can easily create your very own branded mobile app through our system, complete with your brand name, logo, and more. You can use it to send push notification announcements, coupons, and even run a loyalty rewards program.

The first update improves how you collect data from your customers, allowing you to make your messages and offers to them more personal.

There are 2 parts to this update.

1. You can now have customers fill out data when they create a profile within your app. The data could be anything from general information like First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Birthdays, etc., to more relevant information to your store, like what flavor ice cream is the customer’s favorite, or other interests specific to your business.

While customers can use your app as a “guest” to collect coupons and reward points, you can now set it so that they need to create a profile in order to redeem either of these.

2. The second update will be of particular interest to those of you with multiple branches, or locations of your store or restaurant. Now, with this latest update, you can display the contact information, address, and a photo album for each individual location in your app in two different display modes.

A.  First is “map view”, which lets the customer see their location on a map, along with all the stores nearest to them. They can even get directions to the location of their choosing in this menu.

B. Second is “list view”, in which customers can view all your locations in a list, sorted by their distance from the user. You can even add custom info to be displayed next to each location, like location-specific deals or specials.

Boost customer service and foot traffic to your business by giving customers this quick and easy way to find you.

For any questions regarding this update, please contact sales (at) or call us at 480-422-1727

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New Marketing Automation Features Set Your Campaigns on Auto Pilot

marketing-automation-360x218Send the Most Relevant Content to Each Target, on their Preferred Channel, with Perfect Timing.

Mobile CI just released a brand new feature, and it may be our most sophisticated one yet taking our Marketing Automation features to the next level. We call it Auto Campaign, and it essentially lets you set our system on autopilot to perform marketing and messaging tasks for you. All you have to do is set a rule and the subsequent action it triggers. Mobile CI takes care of the rest. Here are a just a few examples to better illustrate how this feature works:

    • A company could send announcements or internal forms to their employees, and have reminders automatically sent if it hasn’t been opened in a week.
    • Automatically send a personalized Birthday or Anniversary wish on the morning of the actual day.
    • Automatically send a coupon for 10% off a pair of sneakers whenever someone clicks on a sneaker promo, or joins a Mobile Text Club.
    • Use Auto Campaign on your Mobile Loyalty Rewards program to automatically send customers alerts that they’re only 1 point away from a prize whenever they reach 9 points.

Auto Campaign saves you precious time and energy by matching your recipient’s interest with targeted messages and automating tedious tasks for you, even while you’re asleep.

For any questions regarding how Auto Campaign would work for your company, or to arrange a free demo please send us an email or call 480-422-1727

– The Mobile CI Team

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Track Click-Through Rates in Text Messaging Campaigns!

Tracking Links in Text Messages
Track Click Through Rates in Text Messaging Campaigns!

Mobile CI is again taking our services to the next level with the release of an all new feature, SMS Click-Through Tracking! First, this feature enables you to embed links into your text messages, keeping them uncluttered. Second, this simple but powerful tool allows you to track each instance a subscriber clicks on an embedded link.

With SMS Click-Through Tracking, you get valuable feedback for your communications or marketing campaigns. You can now easily view how many people clicked on a link and measure the click-through rate. This allows you to analyze campaign effectiveness, compare conversion rates between various target groups and measure results from promotional offers. The new feature also works in conjunction with Marketing Automation, letting you automatically filter subscribers into distinct distribution groups based on click-through behavior from both email and texting campaigns.

You can also create mobile keyword auto-responders with an embedded link pointing to a download site for a mobile app, and then track the number of downloads. With SMS Click-Through Tracking, you can now send more relevant and targeted messages in future campaigns.

For any questions regarding the new updates, please contact Joel at 480-422-1727 or email.

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Trends in Digital Marketing to watch in 2014

marketing-trends-2014Social Media Today just published a great blog post about 11 Web Marketing and Social Media Trends That Will Shape 2014 and we at Mobile CI couldn’t agree more. There is no doubt that Social Media is going to keep giving Small Business a way to communicate to their customers, but this article highlights other important things to consider when finding the right mix to interact with your audience. Highlights include:

Mobile is About to Go Mainstream
The importance for web content to be optimized for mobile and tablet devices will become increasingly important. As a small business it’s time to make the switch to a mobile site if you haven’t yet, and think about ways that you can get in front of your customers through their phone. Yes, this includes Mobile Apps, SMS, and emails that are designed to be viewed on your phone.

Blogging Will Remain The #1 Way To Generate New Business
Creating great content on a regular basis and driving traffic back to your site is going to remain the number #1 way to generate new leads.

Google Plus Will Grow Faster Than Ever
With the search benefits from Google and the increased user base, it’s likely that your audience will be making the move from Facebook to G+. Being a step ahead of the game is a good idea.

Video Consumption Will Increase
Video will continue to create meaningful relationships between business and consumer. Think video customer service here. Oh, and many times they will be watching video on their mobile phone.

Marketing Will Be About Adding Value
It’s no longer about pushing yourself out there, it’s about how you provide value to your customer that matters. Whether this is through blogging, video, or email marketing, in order for people to stay engaged, they have to perceive value.

2014 is going to be an exciting year, and we at Mobile CI can help your business harness these technology trends to reach, grow and retain your audience. Every business has a unique marketing plan, and we are here to help you design the right mix that fits your needs. If you’re ready to take your business mobile, contact us today at 480-422-1727 and we will give you a free consultation and demonstration of how our marketing platform and service can help grow your business in 2014 and beyond.

The Mobile CI Team

Source: article published 01/02/2014
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Two cost-effective mobile marketing strategies for small business

iphoneFor many small business owners, mobile marketing may look intimidating and appear costly with all of the options out there today. You have mobile apps, mobile websites, mobile texting, mobile coupons, mobile wallet, mobile ad networks, and the list goes on – so which channels should your business leverage?

In today’s constantly connected world, it will become vital for businesses to leverage mobile to enhance the company’s overall marketing strategy as more consumers are leaning to mobile devices as way to interact with their favorite services, or brands. It’s no longer about mobile being an “option” as a marketing channel, it is now a “must” for companies to thrive and reach their on-the-go audience.

For most very small businesses that are customer facing, you probably should not immediately jump into creating a mobile app unless you are prepared for the cost and the monthly maintenance charges. On top of that, you will need multiple versions of an app to be able to be viewed on all mobile devices (iPhone, Android). Thankfully, there are other low-cost ways for your business to jump into mobile even if you have a very small budget:

Mobile Friendly Website – This should be on the list and budgeted for in next years marketing plan. This is very cost-effective for many small businesses over the long term and it’s a must today to have a professional presence on the web while keeping mobile device viewing in mind. The over-all cost to design a mobile friendly site for most small businesses is significantly less than a mobile app. For many customers, a poor experience browsing your company’s website could now result in loss of sales, or interest because it takes them too long to browse your site on their phone to find the information they were searching for. Websites have now advanced and there are many low-cost options out there to have your site designed (or re-designed) for mobile viewing in mind.

SMS Text Messaging – SMS marketing is still one of the most cost-effective channels and yields some of the highest response rates of any other marketing channel out there today. If used properly and your SMS provider abides by the TCPA and anti-spam laws, your customers will love the interaction and level of personalization that an SMS campaign can provide. The best part about SMS, besides the low-cost advantages, is it is 100% permission based. So when a customer opts in to your mobile distribution list they want you to send them messages! SMS can also be leveraged by your other traditional forms of marketing you currently implement to really give your marketing a boost.

Combining these two strategies would allow your business to start growing your audience base by capturing key customer information, and give your business a vehicle to communicate time sensitive promotions or announcements. Use SMS to drive customers/audience engagement by sending them an exclusive mobile coupon offer, or a link them to a landing page on your mobile friendly website to find more information or encourage click to buy. This will ultimately create a better customer experience, and higher conversion rates (if an online store or a site that promotes products).

These are just two low-cost ways to give your business an edge in mobile marketing, and a starting point to deepen the relationships you have with your audience. Both of these mobile strategies are proven to have high ROI, increase brand awareness, and are a great way to grow your database.

For more information on how SMS could help your business, or to request a website quote please visit our website at, or call us at 480-422-1727.

-The Mobile CI Team

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How will you reach your on-the-go customers this holiday season?

xmastree-shoppingPlanning ahead for a successful holiday sales season is crucial to get your business prepared to capitalize on one of the biggest revenue opportunities of the year.

Did you know? The Holiday Season can account for anywhere from 20 – 40% of a retailer’s annual sales?

During the holidays when consumers are pressed for time, there will be a heavy reliance placed on mobile devices for delivering information, promotions, and sales. Getting your customers excited about your upcoming promotions will generate buzz and word of mouth marketing.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself and get you thinking about your holiday 2013 roadmap:

  1. How are you marketing your business for the Holidays?
  2. What are your plans to differentiate your business from others during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
  3. Are you currently running marketing campaigns (discounts, building loyalty, deploying digital coupons)?
  4. How do you include social media in your Holiday marketing?
  5. Have you planned your Holiday marketing campaign yet? If not, it’s not too late to start a mobile, web and social marketing campaign!

Mobile CI is here to help you achieve success this holiday season.

For any questions or to get started call or text 952-215-7090, or contact us via email today!

– The Mobile CI Team

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Take Scissors to Your Smartphone: Mobile Coupons to Hit $43 Billion

Paper coupons are ancient history. Who has time for that anymore?

Turns out, anyone with a mobile phone has time now, because mobile coupons take no time at all.  Coupons are making a new-and-improved comeback via your mobile phone, and marketing analysts are “cutting up” a huge chuck of mobile spend to the once lowly coupon.

Mobile coupons are a big focus of mobile advertising as one of many ways to increase store traffic.  Mobile coupons are expected to rise with the tide. Mobile coupon spending is expected to grow eight-fold from $5.4 billion to $43 billion by 2016 (Juniper Research).

Advantages of Mobile Coupons for Customers:

  • No scissors required. You can’t run with scissors, but you can run with your smartphone to redeem the coupon that just popped up!
  • Less waste. Mobile coupons are digital, meaning less paper waste.
  • Mobile Coupons are fun. Before, coupons were reserved for household items, such as ketchup, cat food, and cleaning agents. Snooze. Now, coupons sent to you can have offers you are interested in receiving, with discounts on social outings and fun local events, all with seamless redemption.

Advantages of Mobile Coupons for Merchants:

  • Secure. Mobile coupons can’t be duplicated.
  • High redemption rates. Mobile coupons have redemption rates as high as 30%, vs paper coupon’s 2%.
  • Excellent tracking. Instant access to who redeemed the coupons, where they were, and at what time.
  • Instant insight into ad campaigns. Instantly see how successful a coupon campaign is and who it’s working with.
  • Low Cost. Digital coupons are less expensive to distribute than paper.
  • Enhanced data. Redemption data will be linked to purchase history and customer type, allowing for more precise research and future campaigns.

So, say goodbye to your scissors and coupon organizer. They are soon to be relics from the pre-smartphone age that future generations will never believe. I picture them picking up a coupon book, blowing dust off of it, and asking me, “What is this specimen?” Mobile coupons, I welcome your seamless money-saving discounts with open arms.

–  The Mobile CI Team

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SMS Text Marketing Facts & Benefits


• According to researchers, 73% of consumers would like to receive special offers on their mobile devices – but they are not getting them.

• Offers made via SMS text marketing has consistently gotten response rates up to 20% – that’s 10 times more than traditional advertising methods such as email, direct mail, and newspaper ads which usually get around a 2%-3% response rate.

• Most consumers always have their mobile phone by their side, which means that they will receive your message no matter where they are.

• Studies show that approximately 90% of consumers read their mobile text messages within minutes.

• Research shows that 29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons.

• SMS text marketing has shown to be successful in most business models and has been utilized most for retail, promotions, communication, and appointment setting.

• Studies show that mobile coupons will become more relevant over the next several years.

• Analysts are predicting that SMS text marketing will eventually be the preferred method of servicing customers and clients with things such as appointment reminders, surveys, self-help services, and more.

• Using QR codes is the perfect way to make it quick and convenient for your audience to opt-in to your SMS list.

• SMS text marketing is a “permission-based” form of marketing where the customer initiates things by texting in a keyword to join your list. In exchange for their subscription, you can offer them an incentive, such as a coupon, free goods, free information, etc. Once the person has subscribed to your text messages, they are now a part of your list and will receive all of your future marketing text messages.

• SMS text marketing puts your subscribers at ease because they can opt-out of your list at any time. However, since the opted-in to join your list, most of them WANT to receive your messages.

• SMS text messages can go viral, which means they can spread like wildfire. This is because your subscribers will often forward your offers to friends and family, which will give you more exposure and more sales.

• SMS text marketing allows you to reduce your advertising costs while increasing sales and customer loyalty at the same time. This method is inexpensive compared to other marketing methods and usually gets a much higher response rate.

• With SMS text marketing, you can reach a group of people who are interested in knowing about your products and services within minutes.

• SMS text marketing helps you to establish two-way communication between you and your customers.

• SMS text marketing is great for local retailers of all types wishing to promote products or services, provide purchase incentives, and increase customer loyalty and retention.

• It’s easy to track results of a SMS text marketing campaign as recipients of your text offers have to come into your establishment and show you the offer or coupon right on their cell phones in order to redeem it.

• Since most mobile phone users have their phones within reach at all times, SMS text marketing is the ideal way to alert people of time-sensitive information, such as an appointment reminder.

• If your business revolves around retail, communication, or appointments, SMS text marketing will be the perfect addition to your marketing tool-kit.

– The Mobile CI Team

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Coming in September – Mobile CI 2.0!

Great things are worth the wait!

Mobile CI is excited to announce the release of our completely revamped platform, along with some exciting new features! We’ve been busy and have added even more features! Look out for these enhancements early September 2012.

Here’s what’s new:


Brand New Look & Feel!
Mobile CI’s user interface has gotten a complete makeover! The updated UI offers consolidated and optimized navigation, calendars for message scheduling, detailed customer subscription reports, pop-up tips, and more to help you create the most effective marketing campaigns.

Get More Fans with Social Like-Gating
Facebook Like-Gating gives your audience a preview of the exclusive deals and announcements they could be seeing once they Like your fan page. Give your audience an incentive on Like-Gate pages to become fans of your business or organization. Once they Like your fan page, your Facebook updates will appear directly onto their news feeds, giving your brand more exposure and increasing word-of-mouth marketing!.

Grow Your Business with Facebook® Coupons
Now customers can redeem discounts directly from your Facebook fan page! Customize a coupon with the HTML editor and add it to your Facebook tab. You can even enter your coupon code to generate a graphical barcode that can be scanned by your point-of-sale (POS) system. Use Facebook Like-gating to encourage visitors to Like your page to receive the coupon.

Multi-channel Voting with Mobile and Social
Now you can collect votes from Facebook users or anybody who has a cell phone with Multi-Channel Voting. This feature gives you greater audience participation to gather valuable customer data so you can better target your marketing messages.

Mobile Optimized Sign-up Pages
When you create an online sign-up page, a mobile optimized version is now automatically generated for you! Customers can register their first and last names, email address, mobile number, and even customized data, directly from their mobile phones.

For any additional questions, call 952-215-7090 or email contact(at)

Be sure to sign-up for a FREE 21-Day Trial!

– The Mobile CI Team

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Want an iPad? Don’t miss the opportunity to WIN A BRAND NEW iPAD from our partner! They are giving one a way every day for the next 7 days! The iPad-a-Day Giveaway starts today and ends August 9th so be sure to come back and enter every day to increase your chances to win!  One new iPad will be given away each day to one lucky winner! There is a limit of one entry per person, per day. Winner’s will be notified by email. The Sweepstakes begins on August 3, 2012 at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time (“ET”) and ends on August 9, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. ET (the “Promotion Period”) and consists of seven (7) entry periods. See official rules at upon entering by clicking the image above.  Good luck!

TIP: Once you enter the sweepstakes you will be given a choice to “Get Coupons” or “X” out to close the window. has selected 9 coupons for Back-to-School savings that may be useful to you but know when you click that button it will automatically print the coupons for you.  If you close the window by hitting the “X” button YOU WILL STILL BE ENTERED TO WIN, and you can still browse for your own coupons and print them out when ready. Happy saving!

-The Mobile CI team

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