Ding-Ding, It’s the match of the century that every business needs to watch: Mobile Vs. Desktop

Mobile vs desktop infographic thurmb

There is no doubt if you stop and look around at any place you go, whether it’s at the mall, grocery store, airport, coffee shop, restaurant, or even the park – you see just about everyone buried in their smartphone. This is something that businesses surely cannot ignore as it presents a tremendous opportunity to communicate to their customers.  So who will win the big battle of Mobile vs. Desktop?

Ding-Ding, Mobile is already the winner, and the bell has already been rung!  This great infographic below from ERS Computer Solutions does a wonderful job of outlining some pretty staggering statistics as to why Mobile has taken over Desktop usage on just about every level – with a one, two punch and TKO. So is your business ignoring mobile as a way to communicate and engage your customers?

One BIG mobile statistic that was not present in this infographic that I feel is well worth mentioning, is that 75% of people surveyed would like to receive offers, or communications sent to them via SMS text message. (Digital Marketing Magazine). Not only is SMS marketing more effective, it’s also becoming THE preferred communication channel by more and more consumers – every day. You don’t even have to be on a smartphone to get a text which makes it even more powerful.

And to top it all off while Desktops struggle to get up before the 10 count, Google has since confirmed that it’s now serving more searches on smartphones, than desktop computers in 10 countries – including the U.S. and Japan. The search giant also recently made a major change to its search algorithm to favor mobile responsive websites, and now decreases rankings of those websites that are not mobile-optimized.

So it goes without saying that businesses of just about every size, and type cannot afford to ignore the power that mobile  can provide.

Check out this great infographic below:

Mobile vs desktop infographic

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New Mobile App Features: Gather customer data, and display multiple locations!


We’ve just made a couple of exciting updates to our mobile app features!

If you didn’t know, you can easily create your very own branded mobile app through our system, complete with your brand name, logo, and more. You can use it to send push notification announcements, coupons, and even run a loyalty rewards program.

The first update improves how you collect data from your customers, allowing you to make your messages and offers to them more personal.

There are 2 parts to this update.

1. You can now have customers fill out data when they create a profile within your app. The data could be anything from general information like First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Birthdays, etc., to more relevant information to your store, like what flavor ice cream is the customer’s favorite, or other interests specific to your business.

While customers can use your app as a “guest” to collect coupons and reward points, you can now set it so that they need to create a profile in order to redeem either of these.

2. The second update will be of particular interest to those of you with multiple branches, or locations of your store or restaurant. Now, with this latest update, you can display the contact information, address, and a photo album for each individual location in your app in two different display modes.

A.  First is “map view”, which lets the customer see their location on a map, along with all the stores nearest to them. They can even get directions to the location of their choosing in this menu.

B. Second is “list view”, in which customers can view all your locations in a list, sorted by their distance from the user. You can even add custom info to be displayed next to each location, like location-specific deals or specials.

Boost customer service and foot traffic to your business by giving customers this quick and easy way to find you.

For any questions regarding this update, please contact sales (at) Mobile-CI.com or call us at 480-422-1727

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5 reasons why your business should be using SMS Text Message marketing now.

Text-MessageIf you haven’t already considered integrating SMS text messaging into your marketing strategy, then NOW is a great time to start! SMS marketing isn’t new, and it continues to be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to grow a database of loyal customers (or donors if a non-profit). When used properly, SMS delivers unparalleled audience engagement with consistent open rates of 97%, and response rates as high as 45%! If that isn’t reason enough, here are 5 key reasons why your small business or non-profit should use it today:

  1.  SMS is 100% permission based marketing. Just like email, when your audience subscribes to a mobile list, loyalty program, or “text club”, they can easily opt-in or opt-out at any time (all via text) and they are giving you permission to send them messages!  Since your business will be texting a private mobile number, there are a few basic “rules” you need to follow, so just be sure your service provider is in compliance and adheres best practices. This is very important.
  2. Grow your database (lists). I touched on this in the opening paragraph, but SMS continues to be the quickest and simplest way to build up a database of your loyal customers / audience using a variety of interactive and engaging ways. Keeping your mobile list / text club as a channel to offer exclusive promotions, or announcements is one way to get your opt-ins to soar. Opt-out rates for SMS continue to stay low for this reason when not overused. Timing and frequency are key here.
  3. Use SMS to increase sales and awareness during the holidays.  There is no better channel than SMS to send targeted, relevant messages and promotions during the holiday season. If you are a business that relies on holiday sales, or a non-profit that relies on donations at a certain time of year than SMS if your clear choice to best communicate with your audience.  Now is the perfect time to GROW your list so when the holidays roll around, you will have a large following already which will do wonders for sales.  Give them the right incentive offer, and watch the line form out the door. Hint: Small Business Saturday, or Black Friday exclusive mobile deals.
  4. Most direct and effective way to reach your audience.  One simple FACT about SMS is that nearly 100% off all devices on the market are SMS enabled making it the mobile channel that has the widest reach. According to Forbes in 2014, SMS can achieve a 45% response rate, compared to other marketing strategies such as email that may get just 6%.
  5. Leverage other forms of marketing. By promoting your mobile list or text club opt-in instructions on your social media pages, website, email marketing and print advertising, it will dramatically increase opt-ins and grow your audience whom wish to receive text alerts. Today is all about consumer preference and some of your audience may only want text alerts, whereas other only want to receive emails. By giving them options, your business will build credibility and boost loyalty.

When it comes to customer/audience engagement and ROI, nothing compares to SMS. It is a simple, yet effective strategy to implement and start with if you are wanting to connect with your audience on a mobile device. The results will surprise you and make you wonder why you haven’t implemented it years ago.

Ready to get started? Contact us today at 480-422-1727 or email sales(at)mobile-ci.com to request a 15 minute demo.

– The Mobile CI Team

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New Marketing Automation Features Set Your Campaigns on Auto Pilot

marketing-automation-360x218Send the Most Relevant Content to Each Target, on their Preferred Channel, with Perfect Timing.

Mobile CI just released a brand new feature, and it may be our most sophisticated one yet taking our Marketing Automation features to the next level. We call it Auto Campaign, and it essentially lets you set our system on autopilot to perform marketing and messaging tasks for you. All you have to do is set a rule and the subsequent action it triggers. Mobile CI takes care of the rest. Here are a just a few examples to better illustrate how this feature works:

    • A company could send announcements or internal forms to their employees, and have reminders automatically sent if it hasn’t been opened in a week.
    • Automatically send a personalized Birthday or Anniversary wish on the morning of the actual day.
    • Automatically send a coupon for 10% off a pair of sneakers whenever someone clicks on a sneaker promo, or joins a Mobile Text Club.
    • Use Auto Campaign on your Mobile Loyalty Rewards program to automatically send customers alerts that they’re only 1 point away from a prize whenever they reach 9 points.

Auto Campaign saves you precious time and energy by matching your recipient’s interest with targeted messages and automating tedious tasks for you, even while you’re asleep.

For any questions regarding how Auto Campaign would work for your company, or to arrange a free demo please send us an email or call 480-422-1727

– The Mobile CI Team

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Seminar: Social Media Open Forum

Mobile CI presents…


WHAT: Social Media Open Forum: Join us at this informational MeetUp to learn about how to use Social Media and Mobile together to boost your social media presence for your small business or non profit organization.  We will also have a guest speaker that discusses tips on how to increase Twitter followers every day.

WHERE: EZ Spaces, 1530 E. Williams Field Rd., Ste. 201, Gilbert, AZ  

WHEN: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm

COST: Free

Social Media Open Forum – With Guest Speaker Cynthia, a social media expert and consultant who works with small businesses and non-profits to help them boost their social media presence.

Come by and enjoy networking and learning more about today’s social media marketing trends at our beautiful new meetup location in Gilbert. I will give a brief presentation on some social media tips for small business’s, and we will also have a guest speaker.  Free coffee and soda will be provided. Hope you can join us!  Q and A  and networking session to follow.

Seating is limited.

To RSVP for this free seminar, click here: http://www.meetup.com/Social-Media-Marketing-Phoenix/events/196620882/

The Mobile CI Team

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Track Click-Through Rates in Text Messaging Campaigns!

Tracking Links in Text Messages
Track Click Through Rates in Text Messaging Campaigns!

Mobile CI is again taking our services to the next level with the release of an all new feature, SMS Click-Through Tracking! First, this feature enables you to embed links into your text messages, keeping them uncluttered. Second, this simple but powerful tool allows you to track each instance a subscriber clicks on an embedded link.

With SMS Click-Through Tracking, you get valuable feedback for your communications or marketing campaigns. You can now easily view how many people clicked on a link and measure the click-through rate. This allows you to analyze campaign effectiveness, compare conversion rates between various target groups and measure results from promotional offers. The new feature also works in conjunction with Marketing Automation, letting you automatically filter subscribers into distinct distribution groups based on click-through behavior from both email and texting campaigns.

You can also create mobile keyword auto-responders with an embedded link pointing to a download site for a mobile app, and then track the number of downloads. With SMS Click-Through Tracking, you can now send more relevant and targeted messages in future campaigns.

For any questions regarding the new updates, please contact Joel at 480-422-1727 or email.

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New Multi-Channel Messaging and Marketing Automation for Multi-Location Enterprises.

Multi-Channel Messaging and Marketing Automation for Multi-Location Enterprises
Multi Location Access Control

We’re excited to announce that Mobile CI is upgrading our system with a new and improved version of our Multi-Channel Messaging and Marketing Automation for Multi-Location Enterprises. This second release adds more sophistication to access control for data and features for organizations with multiple locations, branches or departments.

The second release now allows a master account to allocate marketing resources such as message credits, mobile keywords, list of contacts, social media followers and available user log-ins to each location, department or branch based on the most optimal corporate budget allocation.

The master account can also allocate features according to each branch or division’s ability to manage different aspects of multi-channel messaging and marketing. For example, your New York office may be granted access to all SMS, email and Facebook marketing capabilities, along with redeemable coupons and loyalty program rewards. The level of its contact database and text message credits may also be set higher than branches located in non-metropolitan areas.

For any questions regarding the new updates, please contact joel@mobile-ci.com or call us at 480-422-1727

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Seminar: Text Message Marketing for Small Business and Non Profits

Mobile CI presents…


WHAT: Text Message Marketing for Small Business and Non profits: Join us at this informational MeetUp to learn about all aspects of Text Message Marketing and how to effectively use it for your small business or non profit organization.

WHERE: Nello’s Pizza, 1806 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282 ‎

WHEN: Tuesday, May 6, 2014 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm
This seminar will recur monthly on the first Tuesday of every month.

COST: Free

Text Message Marketing for Small Business and Non Profits

Have you been interested in text message marketing and don’t know where to begin? This meetup group is here to help you understand how to leverage this new form of marketing and how your small business or non profit can benefit from it’s powerful potential – including integrating it into your current marketing mix to really grow your audience base. Come and enjoy some fantastic pizza and learn today’s trends in Text Message marketing, best practices and compliance, and what pitfalls to avoid when conducting any text message campaign. Q and A  and networking session to follow.

Seating is limited.

To RSVP for this free seminar, click here: http://www.meetup.com/Text-Message-Marketing-for-Small-Business-Non-Profits/

The Mobile CI Team

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Three New Features Designed to Improve Multi-Channel Marketing

New-FeaturesWe’re excited to announce that Mobile CI is again upgrading our system with new and improved features so that we can provide you with even better service. This month, we are proud to introduce three new features designed to make your daily marketing tasks easier and more convenient.

With the new SMS From Email feature, you can now send SMS messages from your email directly to a mobile phone number. The process is as simple as sending out a regular email addressed to a recipient’s phone number along with a special Mobile CI domain address in the “Send To” field.

Custom Template Manager allows you to create reusable templates to save time and maintain a consistent standard on the branding, look and feel of your marketing messages. These templates can be customized for email and Facebook and even allows HTML uploads, which can be saved and reused in the future.

Lastly, we introduce the International Number Cleanup feature, which removes all unwanted international phone numbers from your distribution lists so that you can easily track spending for international credit or avoid unexpected messaging fees altogether. You can now run a search for those numbers and either delete them or move them to a separate list.  Additionally, there is now an option for you to block international signups.

For any questions regarding the new updates, please contact us at 480-422-1727.

The Mobile CI Team
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Reminder on the Industry and Carrier Regulations

complianceIn keeping with our goal of providing you with excellent support and outstanding service, we would like to respectfully remind you about certain restrictions that ensure your continued use of our short codes.

We kindly ask that you follow the guidelines set by the TCPACAN-SPAM Act,  MMA, and the CTIA for text messages. In addition, carrier and aggregator guidelines along with Mobile CI’s Terms of Use state that content related to the following subjects cannot be mentioned within text messages:

  • Violence
  • Adult content (examples: strip clubs and escort agencies)
  • Hatred
  • Profanity
  • Illegal or illicit drugs (example: marijuana)
  • Tobacco
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Firearms
  • Gambling

Please note that non-compliance with these guidelines can lead to your account being suspended without further notice. We thank you for your cooperation and ask that you continue to work with us in ensuring the respectful, compliant use of our short codes.

For any questions regarding any industry or carrier regulations, please contact us 480-422-1727.

The Mobile CI Team
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