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About Mobile CI

Mobile CI offers powerful mobile marketing services and professional website development, including mobile websites. Mobile Text marketing is quickly becoming the most affordable and highly targeted form of advertising because of it's high response rate and long-term effectiveness. Build a powerful marketing program with our mobile coupon and mobile loyalty rewards programs to strengthen your relationships with your customers and build sustaining loyalty. Mobile Coupons are just one way to improve response rates, grow customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. Combining your mobile and web marketing will make an even bigger impact on your business as more customers are utilizing new media devices for ways to engage with your business or brand.

What is Multi-Channel Digital Marketing? We at Mobile CI understand as a business or organization, it's nearly impossible to reach 100% of your audience all the time. Communicating to your customers through a single channel alone is often ineffective and yields very low response rates. By combining new digital media like Text, Email, Mobile Web, and Social Media, you can dramatically increase sales, brand awareness, and ROI. For the same price others charge for email or mobile marketing alone, you can upgrade to Mobile CI which integrates all of these features and more.

Mobile Marketing is 100% Permission Based Marketing - has a no tolerance Spam follows SMS Marketing guidelines from the Mobile Marketing Association

Mobile CI follows SMS Marketing and Mobile Coupon guidelines from the Mobile Marketing Association

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