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  • Mobile Text Marketing

    Engage your audience with SMS or MMS messages on their most cherished device – the mobile phone. Easily & quickly build your lists using ‘text-to-join’ keywords, web-forms, or integrate in to just about any CRM. Send appointment reminders, mobile coupons, announcements, autoresponders, and more to drive sales – automatically.

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  • Business Mobile App

    Bring in repeat business with your very own branded mobile app available in the Google Play and ITunes apps stores. Connect with customers at any time, or anywhere using Push Notification Announcements, Coupons, and Loyalty Rewards Program.


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  • Marketing Automation

    Spend more time on running your business, and less time on marketing. Let our smart marketing automation features set your email, text, social, or voice marketing on auto-pilot. Want to integrate in to a CRM? With our secure API, we can provide powerful and efficient ways of integrating our features with your services and applications.

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  • Email Marketing

    Email is still a critical channel in any modern marketers strategy. Mobile CI’s multi-channel software gives you the tools to send successful email campaigns including newsletters, automated drip campaigns, or loyalty programs – all with the option of integrating text and social marketing all in one place.

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  • Social Integration

    Easily get your message out on Facebook and Twitter by either scheduling them in advance, or instantly. Now you can send your audience an email, mobile text, Facebook post and tweet all at the same time!

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  • Mobile Loyalty Rewards

    It’s six times more cost effective to keep an existing customer than to find a new one. Plastic or paper punch cards are costly, and can often be lost or forgotten. Mobile CI’s affordable digital solution helps your business reach your customers anywhere, or any time using commonly used text messaging, or mobile apps – easily collect data so you can target personalized messages and offers.

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  • List Building Tools

    Quickly and easily build your contact database using a variety of engaging ways including mobile keyword data capture, online sign-up pages, website and Facebook widgets. Collect names, email addresses, mobile numbers, or other custom data like zip code, birthdays, and more. If you already have lists, they can easily be imported in to our software for future multi-channel campaigns.

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  • Appointment Reminders

    Mobile CI’s multi-channel appointment reminder features make it easy to use text, mobile app, email and even voice messaging to send timely reminders to customers and staff members. Restaurants, dentists, car dealerships and auto repair shops, salons and more can take full advantage of this feature to dramatically minimize no-shows and book more appointments to get more business done.

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  • Landline Texting

    Text messaging is quickly becoming the #1 channel for communication, especially with millennials. This trend will only grow in the future so your business needs to adapt. Mobile CI’s Landline Texting enables your business’s existing landline or toll-free number to send and receive text messages, by simply registering your number in our software. Customers can text and call the same number, and there’s only one number to print on your advertising.

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  • Campaign Report Manager

    View comprehensive analytics and reports on all your campaigns with a personal dashboard for each campaign. Simply pick and choose features from the platform and our software will consolidate and organize them in one campaign dashboard for easy management and reporting. Evaluate all your campaigns with reports and analytics on opt-in rates, click-through rates, and more.

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  • CRM and Application Integration

    Each business is different with unique needs and goals. That’s why we’ve opened our powerful messaging platform through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Our team can work with yours to securely, reliably and efficiently integrate our features with your existing CRM services and applications.


We support all major U.S. carriers and follow guidelines and best practices set by the Mobile Marketing Association and the CTIA Shortcode Monitoring Program